Nitgen Biometrics

The Nitgen range of biometric readers is the latest addition to an extensive line of integrated biometric readers. The Nitgen Biometric integration provides the benefit of secure fingerprint technology for high risk access points of Time and Attendance clocking points.

Time Management

The CS TimeClock is a time and attendance clocking system which will calculate your employee hours automatically. You don't even need to connect it to a computer!

Spend LESS time doing your payroll and SAVE money by not having to use time cards, cutting out manual calculation errors and paying employees for the time they've worked.   




Building Relationships

Goal and Mission Statement

To provide strategic and technical value to our customers by designing, Implementing and maintaining cost effective Systems.

To provide a comprehensive range of solutions and services utilizing our team of dedicated, multi skilled, customer oriented and motivated staff ensuring exceptional customer service with the key aim of supporting locally produced systems while maintaining quality, reliability and durability.

Analyse, Develop,Implement


  • Define Project Objectives
  • Business Benefits
  • Possible Project Risk


  • Apply key information captured during analyses
  • Blue print Design

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Welcom to RNR Time and Access Solutions

Information,Communication Technology is growing in leaps and bounds.Innovating thinking is the key to ensuring our Clients get the maximum benefit from utilizing the latest proven Technologies, combined with our extensive experience and knowledge we aim to provide solutions that are tailored to your needs and is benefitial to your organisation.

Our key focus is based on establishing an on-going partnership with our Clients thereby ensuring Client satisfaction. Service delivery is of utmost importance and we strive to maintain good client relationships.

We are proud to acknowledge that we have a Level 3 BEE Certification

CEO Reference

I would have no hesitation in engaging with George at any level of business, project or otherwise...

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CEO Reference

George built up a good relationship with all the stakeholders and his knowledge is mind blowing!

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